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My jewellery is hallmarked by special forms, each piece has been made manually, by traditional techniques, of gold, silver and platinum. I use precious stones and natural minerals for each piece. I keep seeking stones with special shades and cutting. One of my favourites is the gem called ametrine, which belongs to the quartz group and is a mixture of amethyst and citrine.

I accept orders for preparation and repair of jewellery, enameling, gem cutting and gem setting.
My activities also include developing expert forensic gemstone and precious stone opinions and issuing certificates.

Individual design

My greatest love and challenge is customized jewellery design. These pieces should reflect the individual character of yours, as well as your chosen one or family members. This design process takes place together with the customer, also taking into account the special needs of the client, for example, using zodiac stone, individual forms and stones with special cutting.

My client brought the rubies of the collection shown on the side from India, and ordered the design and production of a collection of gems that also reflects the world of Hungarian motives. The produced set includes a necklet, a pair of earrings and a necklace with medal, for everyday wearing. I have made a special arm lace, to which the medal of the necklace may be attached, if desired.

Naturally, you can also have your own jewellery designed, with my professional assistance. That way, it will be fabricated fully adapted to your dreams, according to your own photo, drawing or simply your concept.


Repair and renewal of old jewellery


The repair or substitution of lost pieces of antique jewellery requires great professional experiences and expertise.

Recently a lady approached me and requested that I should fabricate the missing piece of an old pair of earrings. She took my advice and ordered a medal made of the remaining piece, and then I made a new pair of earrings to the pattern of the medal.

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