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Surely, goldsmiths also have their own patron saint, Saint Eligius.


ELIGIUS was born into a family of very modest means, around 588 in Chapelet, France.
He worked as the court goldsmith of Kings Cothar II. and Dagobert I, and his name is also associated with the founding of several churches and monasteries, including the one in Solignac, built in 632. In 639 he left the royal court and joined the Holy Orders. In 641 he became the bishop of Noyon. He passed away in 660 in Noyon. Eligius was buried in the Cathedral of Noyon, but his skull is held in the St. André Church of Chelles. St. Eligius is depicted in several works of art as a bishop, a nobleman and a goldsmith.
/Magyar Ötvös (Hungarian Goldsmith), 2006. volume XVII, issue 2, the article titled Patron Saint by Zoltán Tamás./

In Rome, on the bank of Tevere there is a small chapel named after Saint Eligius, and not surprisingly, the goldsmith’s courses of Rome are held next to it. So far I have had the chance to visit this chapel three times, and each time I felt how lucky I was to have found this profession. /And of course, this little chapel, too .../


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