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About me

“I am one of those lucky people whose job is also their hobby.”

It is everybody’s most precious dream to have a job that they love and enjoy doing. My passion for jewellery goes back all the way to my childhood. I graduated as a goldsmith in 1983 and has been expanding my professional skills ever since.

In my career so far I had worked as a goldsmith in several workshops in Hungary, then I worked as a jewellery and precious stone expert. To this day I accept engagements as an expert witness, for insurance companies, agencies of investigation and private individuals.


  • In 1985 graduation from the Precious Stones Skills course organized by KIOSZ,
  • In 1989 graduation from the Advanced Precious Stone Recognition Course organized by ELTE TTK,
  • In 1992 graduation from the Precious Stone Appraiser course organized by Victoria,
  • In 1995 I was appointed a Forensic Precious Stone Expert.
My long-time dream came true, when in the autumn of 2007 I could open my own jewellery gallery in Falk Miksa street, an antique neighbourhood known for its regular exhibitions. I am a regular participant of the annual FalkArtFórum artistic event, where I come with special programmes and new collections each time.

Some famous visitors to our shop:

  • Szacsvay László, színész
  • Donald Sutherland
  • the family of the Sultan of Brunei.


  • 2003. Carat exhibition
  • 2004-2010. Hungoro
  • 2010. Carat exhibition
  • 19.05.2011 PILVAX CAFÉ, exhibition titled “Textiles of Literature”, with the LGT silver jewellery collection inspired by song lyrics,
  • Between 13-16.07.2011, JAZZ and WINE festival in Balatonboglár, with my music-inspired silver jewellery collection.
  • 2012.06.06. Design 13 - "The lucky wear" divatbemutató a Secessio Cafe-ben -" Kristályláncok és gyümölcsékszerek"
  • 2012.07.11-14. Jazz és Bor Fesztiválja Balatonbogláron - "Gyümölcsékszerek"
  • 2012. szept. 22. Falk Art Forum - Ékszerbemutató Makány Márta ruháival.
  • 2012. nov. 28-dec. 1. Antik Enteriőr. A megnyitó esten divat és ékszer bemutató Makány Márta ruháival.
  • 2013. febr. 14-17. - ig Az LGT koncert ideje alatt az LGT ékszerek bemutatója a Papp László Sportarénában.


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